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Baxtorian said:
Selethiel said:
stronger gods (ie: Zaros as Zaros survived an attack by the Staff without dying while Guthix died in mere moments).

That does have an explanation: Zaros shed his body while Guthix wanted to die.

JMods when asked to compare the 2 always ducked that. I guess which one was stronger will remain forever unsolved.

Oh, and no topic: I don't think we should be looking for a lore explanation there. It would be OP if we could become gods, but now the way we operate has given us a reason why we can beat some epically strong entities like Nomad. Possibly Dragonkin in the (near?) future(who are equal to tier 5).
I remember it being stated a long time ago that Guthix was stronger than Zaros, but only by a bit.
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