G.E. is part of a Zaros ritual

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The Grand Exchange may be a giant centrifuge for a Zarosian Ritual.

If you notice on the world map, the Map Markers of the Grand Exchange aligns perfectly with the center pillars, making a perfect Zarosian Cross. If you note the direction of the corners; they point towards the Ritual Site, Daemonheim, Avarrocka/The Mage Training Arena and Falador.

The residual energy of The Cold left by the Frostenhorn shall be a replacement for it in the large scale ritual. Falador's shady past primarily as a Saradominist city may have covered over anything remotely Armadyllian by tapping into the magicks of the Clan Portals...or the White Knight's altar by the Hymmnal placed there (by Falador Elite Players).

The Mage Training Arena is a building made completely out of Rune Essence thus could be used as a giant relic or perhaps a source of extreme energy. And finally; The Daemonheim fortress was able to let out a multi-realm emote to all players, shocking them into eventually discovering that
A Mahjarrat
someone died down in there, thus it would be the "Barrows Icon" of the ritual.

What do you think? Is the Grand Exchange really not what it seems to be? Are we all being lured into a trap?
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I find it rather unlikely that the Grand Exchange is the result of a Zarosian ritual. The flourishing of trade in the Zarosian Empire was specifically attributed (in the Mahjarrat Memories books) to the standardization of language (infernal) throughout the Empire and its conquered territories.

If a ritual was indeed created for this purpose during the time of the Empire, it would be incredibly odd for Otto either not have been mentioned or to have not been implemented prior to the Empire's collapse.

I suppose it could be a situation like the Salve (use of a modified Zarosian ritual to accomplish the goals of another god/civilization, but, given that the area wasn't resettled until some point in the 4th age and didn't gain economic prominence until the rediscovery of runes in the 5th, I also find that somewhat unlikely but possible given the apparent habitation of Varrock by Zarosians until at least the point that it was still called Avarocka.

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