Powerful Artefacts

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Off the top of my head:

- Shield of Arrav: Can nullify Mahjarrat magic, which is why Zem wanted it.

- Silver/Darklight: Supposedly enchanted by Guthix himself, but that's most likely not true. Either way, it's a very powerful demon-slaying sword and the only (known) weapon capable of killing Delrith or Agrith Naar. It's kind of strange how we need it against some demons, and not others, but I believe that can be chalked up to gameplay mechanics.

- Godspear: Weapon designed by Armadyleans, Zamorakians, Saradominists and Godless. Can significantly weaken a t4 god... If used by thousands over a month. Ok maybe not that impressive.

- Divine focus: God killing cannon that takes ages to charge and apparently makes a master strategist unable to dodge.

- Jagex bronze dagger: you can get one of these for only 1995! Order today!
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