My Thoughts on The Godless

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A Mighty

A Mighty

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My problem with the Godless is that they only see 2 groups of individuals: gods and mortals. There are many problems with this. First, there are beings who seem to fall into a gray area between the two (such as the World Guardian ourself!) Also, they seem to be fine with destruction of environments, anima, etc. as long as it isn't being done in the name of a god.

Not to mention their task is nigh impossible. If they did manage to somehow kill all the gods, it would hardly remove their influence. If anything, their followers would be more inclined to sacrifice themselves for their cause, and if the Godless were directly responsible for the killings of a god, the followers would target the Godless. And if they killed multiple gods, I could see a temporary alliance of the remaining members of the deceased gods' factions to eliminate the Godless, who do not have the resources nor the manpower to survive such an assault.
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