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Deux Faces said:
My thoughts immediately went somewhere else. Just because so much emphasis was placed on the pact being called into effect when Zaros uses the term Legatus Maximus, it seemed to me like his "one thing" would be request Zamora to bind himself in unwavering servitude as his Legatus Maximus once more.

I figured he would word it in a way so that it was only "one request", but provided an eternity of servitude.

Something like this was discussed in the Lore FC MONTHS ago. I said then that if this happens, I'm converting to Saradomin in an attempt to stop Zaros (assuming he would go against Zaros and Zammy at the endgame). And now... it's quite possible this could be the outcome. If it does happen, I am a man of my word...
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23-Nov-2016 00:34:53

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