Vet'ion's Allegiances? OSRS

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So I was reading the dialogue that Vet'ion Jr. has with the player and it made me think about where his historical allegiances lie. His dialogue is as follows:
Player: Who is the true lord and king of the lands?
Vet'ion Jr.: The mighty heir and lord of the Wilderness.
Player: Where is he? Why hasn't he lifted your burden?
Vet'ion Jr.: I have not fulfilled my purpose.
Player: What is your purpose?
Vet'ion Jr.: Not what is, what was. A great war tore this land apart and, for my failings in protecting this land, I carry the burden of its waste.

Now I know part of this was to be in reference to LoTR but would it be wrong to think that Vet'ion was a warrior of Zaros who failed to hold the northern Zarosian lands (the wilderness) during the god wars? Is there any additional material that may cover this? I mostly play OSRS and don't know a ton about the lore. But maybe some RS3 content may be insightful/ interesting. At the very least I thought this was a fun thing to consider. Let me know what you all think.

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One's first inclination is indeed to assume a Zarosian connection (heir to the elder gods in his own eyes and conquered Forinthry), which is supported by the inclusion of the ancient staff on his drop table.

That said, I am inclined to point out that Vet'ion could also be referring to Zamorak as his master (heir to Zaros's empire as the Legatus Maximus and the one who 'killed' Zaros). This is supported by his summoning of skeletal hellhounds (Zamorakian beasts, at least in life) .

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