The Stone of Jas Will Shatter

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What is stopping the new elder gods from being male?

The heir of jas could be anyone, the stone contains an unborn elder god, it needs a body, the body could be anyone but the elder would need to adapt to it's host if it wants to stay in the body, same with organ transplants, sometimes they do not work because the body reacts with the other DNA in the transplanted organ, the same is happening w/ the elder, it would need to mimic the host, otherwise it would not be able to, well, go *in* the host.

I used the transplant reference because now doctors use 3d printed organs w/ the person's DNA so it does not get rejected, the elder would need to in a way, become, that host.

06-Apr-2016 20:09:49



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Sepulchre said:
Kikizosan said:
Lady Icyene said:
The Sixth Elder God is obviously what ever Elder God The Stone of Jas was GOING to hatch into.

From how I understand things, the Stone of Jas would have hatched into (the next cycle's) Jas.

People say this, and while it would make sense... it makes no sense at all. Why would Jas use up her own egg? It'd almost be like killing yourself. Besides, from my understanding, don't the Elder Gods revert to eggs then go through rebirth when the Great Revision takes place? There are not "other eggs," there's only the same ones going back to being eggs again?

No, by sacrificing her egg, she actually did kill herself, the elder gods power down and diminish and they then become part of the landscape, for example, Jas became the Ullek cliffs.
The 6th elder god might just be able to join with the catalyst again....perhaps Jas will not die after all?

24-Apr-2016 00:53:02

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