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Lego Miester said:
More honest with himself than Saradomin, who masquerades as a stereotypical "hero" type despite causing just as much chaos and destruction as Zamorak. He's still just as hypocritical though, by having to bully and threaten his followers to keep them in line, he unwittingly admits that pure chaos just doesn't work.

I give him credit as a person though: when I didn't directly side with him, but just let him give Sliske a whooping (as I didn't want either of them to run off with the stone, I stayed neutral. If I had known it was just blasting Sliske though, and Sliske got it either way, I totally would have though) he didn't immediately turn on me just because I didn't follow his instructions to the letter. That gives him one point over Saradomin.

While I think they're both potential allies, if there was one I feel is more stable and trustworthy, ironically that award goes to the god of chaos.

He's never really advocated pure chaos, though. His philosophy is more about recovering from chaos and rising above adversity. If he wanted anarchy, he would oppose order in all its forms. He would never have allowed the village in the book of the gods to rebuild.
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