Armadyl Is Not Ready

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Questcaping said:
Raleirosen said:
Do I need to point out the irony in that statement? lol
Phrased that way for a reason, I was implying Zammy to be the stubborn type there (hence going on to talk about him directly afterwards).
I'm pointing out that Armadyl is the un-stubborn type who didn't stand up for his values in the confrontation with Zimzoom, which ended with everything going down (up?) in flames. Hence the irony in preferring the "flexible" god.

Questcaping said:
Regarding the rest of what you're saying... eh, he did say "that Armadyl died during the God Wars". I think the God Wars changed Armadyl -- fighting all that time, after all, and just wanting it to be over by the time they've got Zam cornered.
It's clear from his behavior that he didn't reach any conclusions or crystallize his new worldview until MPD, though. Therefore the "new" Armadyl, who's capable of recognizing that the ends justify the means, is only really applicable to post-MPD (specifically WE3, since that's the first time he acted on that revelation).
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I'm pretty sure I remember it being said that The Scarecrow was based on designs stolen from the Armadyleans.

Armadyl shot first.
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