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It seems like a lot of gods have that one powerful, fanatical female follower of theirs, firmly devoted to wiping out all their enemies. Saradomin has Zilyana, Zamorak has Enakhra, Guthix has Kara-Meir, and Zaros has Char.

Armadyl, Seren, and Bandos, however, do not seem to have yandere followers. Armadyl's lack of a yandere is probably because he's a relatively peaceful god whose followers haven't been fleshed out a whole lot. Since Seren is female, her yandere could be male, in which case it would be Helwyr. That still leaves poor Bandos without a yandere though... or does it?

Let's take a look at the Dorgeshuun series. Isn't it interesting that Bandos chose Zanik as his Chosen Commander and tried to control her mind with an amulet to become his avatar? Clearly Bandos was jealous of the other gods having yandere followers and decided to make his own. This would also suggest that "commander" is code for "yandere," as we see with Commander Zilyana.

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Adventurerrr said:
Zaros' Yandere is Azzandra

Both Azzy and Char are battling it out for the title of One True Zarosian Yandere. That's where their current rivalry comes from. (Note Sliske elbowing in on the competition in the Zaros interaction in Endgame. "Zaros loves Azzy more than he loves you, Char!" Trying to start an in-universe ship war...!)

Why can't they just settle to be his husbando and waifu respectively? Would make things so much easier.
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Adventurerrr said:
Kara-Meir isn't Guthix's Yandere, that tittle is owned by Juna still

Or Seren. =P
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Seren's a crystalhead, so she hasn't got time for romantic relationships. Bandos was only married with his army until his skull got smashed. Armadyl's outlived his loverboys, but he's still got some guardians to make up for the loss. Alternatively, Kamiee could provide some company whenever the bird feels lonely. Don't think it could go any further than that. The power of
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