Male and Female Mahjarrat

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Why would human standards of masculinity and femininity remain fairly constant across numerous largely uninteracting worlds with vastly different environments, events, and cultures (assuming they adopted their forms upon meeting mortal races)?

Perhaps it is just the nature of things in the RS universe.
Perhaps the elder's instinctually build so as to encourage such traits to arise in their worlds (they only worked to prevent sentient life, not necessarily the development of species like the ape race Marimbo was part of prior to her ascension), and Mah just took the direct route.

Is it seriously that hard to believe that this could happen when hominoids make up the vast majority of sentient life in the universe (heck, even Mah, the Dragonkin, and Avernics are hominoid despite there being no way for any of them to be genetically related to humans).

On another note, I take Bilrach's remark to her that she looked somehow different as a reference to how we rebuilt her body whilst he had met her in her original 'swim suit' body (as opposed to her having taken a completely new form).

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The humanoids which presumably share an ancestor (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Icyene, ect) are the only races we've really seen with our own standards of masculinity and femininity. For others, we either haven't seen enough of them, or it's pretty much established that they adopted human customs (Vampyres). Most of the more "alien" races that we've had little contact with do have pretty different societies, the TzHaar, Demons, and even Goebies.

Mah made Zaros and Seren in her own image. Why would she bother to make them "male" and "female" when her species is genderless? Especially if she had no interest in making them reproduce. Remember that Mah made Zaros and Seren consciously, whereas the Mahjarrat and Muspah were dreamt while she was sleeping, likely partially drawing from her knowledge of life in previous cycles.

I wasn't talking about Bilrach's remark, I was referring to Seren's own account of her arrival on Tarddiad. She literally states she changed her appearance to look more elven. Zaros's dialogue in Fate of the Gods also establishes that her Fate of the Gods model was what she looked like when she was with the elves, meaning we haven't seen her original form yet.

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There is a strong sign here of a creator's hand - perhaps the indigenous life knows something of that creator's whereabouts. I shaped myself in their image and revealed myself to them, fearful of what effect I might have on them, but hopeful that they could point the way.

It's also worth noting that the only masculine thing about Zaros is his voice.
You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

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