Upcoming Corruption [Spoilers]

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Not much to say here, and I'm in a hurry, so this is gonna be written up hastily and probably read weird.


Elite Dungeons:

For those of you who know about Elite Dungeons, and the crassians there, and corruption of Seiryu, and the "it's related to recent content", meaning PoH, and Xau-tak.


Solak, we know was corrupted by an elf, tempted by the power of the grove. Given that the grove is surrounded by ocean, do you think that Xau-tak might have had some influence on that corruption?


I thought it was interesting since both Solak and Elite Dungeons are supposed to be story driven, and involved corruption of powerful creatures.
Probably just coincidence tho
, but I thought worth poking the idea out there.

24-Apr-2018 21:01:10

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I think it's a bit of a stretch to assume that the...god...thing...had a hand in corrupting Solak. The elves already have a basic link to a corrupting influence from the whole Dark Lord/ Seren Stones being corrupted and all that, so they could easily build off of that if they wanted to.

The elite dungeons/Crassians? Sounds more likely. At the very least I can see it having an indirect hand in corrupting that sort of thing.
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05-May-2018 04:47:48

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Is Solak related to Xau-Tak? In the fact that this Treerago pos replaced a much better concept for a boss (the Ambassador). Otherwise, likely not.

The Aminishi Temple? Oh yeah. Xau-Tak's giant stone hand is deep in that.
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