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300,000 chickens>elder gods. What unit are the numbers supposed to be?

Anyway, a few things to address...

- Saradomin is more powerful than any of the other known young gods on Geilinor post-BoL.

- Arrav as of when? You said this list assumes that all quests and miniquests have been completed, meaning that, in the main timeline, Arrav is dead. And by dead, I don't mean undead. And if it references the character while he was still a normal human, he's certainly not more powerful than Lucien, as he wasn't even a match for Zemouregal.

- Kree'arra, K'ril, Graardor, and Zilyana may be close, but they certainly aren't all equals. Judging from the Battle of Annakarl, K'ril defeated Zilyana pretty easily, though we don't know what happened immediately before and what sort of shape they were in.

- Azzanadra>Sliske at the time of RotM.

- I wouldn't use the tiers of mahjarrat list as an accurate source.
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