Rite of the Chicken Wings

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Since the lore community has unanimously agreed that a Godless and Armadylean quest are long overdue, I decided to petition Jagex to instead make one quest for both - since Jagex is slightly more likely to actually do it then.

Rite of the Chicken Wings takes place in Lumbridge, and involves Fred the Farmer's teenage son, who needs to go through a rite of passage to please his single father, who has recently converted to the Godless. The local Godless cult gives him his first task: throwing rocks at Taw'Paak from behind the bushes. Fred's son does as he is asked to do, but after throwing one rock, Taw'Paak starts crying and runs away.

Ashamed of what he has done, Fred's son runs after Taw'Paak and apologizes. Taw'Paak reluctantly forgives him, and after talking for a bit the two become close friends. Two weeks later, Fred asks his son whether he has completed his rite. To his surprise, his son reveals that he has converted to Armadylean, and will not complete it! Fred gets angry, and kicks his son out of the house, telling him he cannot return until he gets rid of "these heretical thoughts" and completes his rite.

Lonely and cold, Fred's son wanders aimlessly for several days, until he finds a small cave to live in. After nearly collapsing from hunger, Fred's son sees several chickens walking nearby. He finds himself in a moral dilemma: Should he kill the chickens, Armadyl's loyal followers, to satiate his hunger, or should he let them go? "Is this really who I am? Is this really who I want to be?" he asks. Maybe his father was right. The gods, after all they have done to mankind - they they do not deserve to be on this world. Maybe... he should just complete his rite and go home.

Fred's son soon falls asleep and finds himself in Abbinah. Wandering the landscape, he finds Armadyl waiting in the distance. "We have much to discuss" Armadyl says, sighing deeply. Reluctantly, Fred's son follows, and his adventure begins...
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