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Maiden China said:
ha, he actually tied her to the tracks? I totally forgot that (and don't even remember it now, actually)

Yeah, his plan was apparently that her being killed by the dwarf train would spark war between the dwarfs and the cave goblins... I think. They even named the music track that plays during that segment "Slice of Silent Movie".
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This thread reached 4 pages without a mention of the best red-haired character in the game? What is this?!

This character played a crucial role in the fifth Age, without him Gielinor would be nowhere near where it's today. And yet he is completely ignored here. Without his great insight Zaros and Seren could never have returned to Gielinor. Without him there would've been no World Guardian. Souls wouldn't be able to reach a peaceful afterlife. Rellekka would be overrun with Dagannoth. would Varrock would suffer under the tyranical rule of Zemouregal. The Kingdorm of Asgarnia would've lost their leader and fall into chaos. Miscellenia and Etceteria would've never been able to find peace. Lumbridge would suffer the wrath of the Culinaromancer. Vanstrom Klause would have succeeded in crushing the Myreque resistance.

One great ginger prevented all of this. He gave us the the crucial information to stop this terrible future from happening. He has a hard life but he did this selflessly, without any personal gain. From a man is his position this is something to really respect. But he didn't even get a mention until the 4th page.

How could you all forget the greatest ginger known to Gielinor: Charlie the Tramp?

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