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He became She, an Elder God. For He was God of Balance, he filled what Mah had left empty and unbalanced for the rest of the wheel...

Already he had been linked to the very ground of Gielinor, hadn't he? Yes indeed! Most , even myself, got deluded by the mourning trees that are the very original trees upon the land. Yeah, just trees called trees! Like a God named God. Silly if you ask me, but who wouldn't and
tut tut miself i'll be on my way i've no time to explain from the bottom of this ocean but in a bottle i find torn letter that inscribes the word ''subconsious'' which could've pointer towards the figuration of how our minds work like so called computers or rather how computers work like our minds - it runs programs, which behind are many tasks and services to keep them going - i've had my squirrels in the background for near an eon to bring this ramble down with hope the ol' folks are up for the true heft of the compose of mine that has finally found way out on it's own~

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According to the latest BTS, we will be getting another Guthix memory update which shows some of the darker memories of Guthix. Do note that our data on Guthix is limited, so with this new update we may find more convincing reasons for his fatalistic attitude. Also known as Trau

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Agree Ptolemos, I think we're going to get a lof of questions answered very shortly.

Shauny read out a lore drop from his latest livestream which suggested Guthix was fully aware that dying would not let him see his family and was aware of what would happen to him - I get the feeling the entire act was incredibly selfish on his part.

But maybe more lore will reflect more on the matter ^_^
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Well for one it wouldn't be first time a guardian got fuzzy over certain info, such as does a god lose afterlife or what happens actually. To my puny eye for one, there is no say that if gods had something else instead of an afterlife...

P.S. rereaded my above sentence and think while it's quite humorous it still makes valid stand amongst other bollocks before. ;)

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