Heroes Quest: "Head Monk"?

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My initial post was lost so here's a more condensed version:

On Heroes Quest you need to get an Entranan Firebeard Feather. Without ice gloves a hint is provided saying you need "something cool" to pick up the gloves. If you ask a monk on Entrana about the firebeard, they say talk to the head monk.

1) The high priest on entrana only welcomes the player to the island and does not talk about the firebeard
2) The clocktower, ardougne monastery and edgeville monastery monks do not provide hints either

I'm wondering how someone is supposed to from the hint "something cool" to "kill the ice queen at the end of a complicated cave system under white wolf mountain to get ice gloves"

I have two thoughts on this:
1) The hint dialogue was somehow lost on the 2007scape reboot
2) development oversight, but the implementation of the caves and ice queen at the same time as the heroes quest WAS the hint (out of game)

Google provided no answers, only a reddit from 2014 with the same unresolved question

The OSRS wiki page on the Feb 27 2002 update which implemented the Heroes Quest only says that the text was pulled from the page due to copywright issues with Jagex. Ergo the update text implemented at the time (and whether it included any hints/references to the ice caves) are lost.

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Does Achietties say something? I feel like she was the one you were supposed to go back to for help after that, and then she points you toward the caves that are in her neighbourhood.

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The quest received several new lines of dialogue when it was made optional to be completed without any other players' help this year. (RS3 only)

I don't believe the wiki's dialogue page was updated to reflect this.
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