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Cinder Quill

Cinder Quill

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I've noticed some small post quest changes around Morytania, and was really curious as to if there were any more left to be discovered.

Thefore, I've set up this thread for us lorehouds to discuss all post-quest Easter Eggs we may have come across, besides the obvious dialogue with Effiatry, Vanescula, Aeones*g and Saflaan :)

Some I've found myself

- You can speak to Veil*f after completion of the Myreque Memorial to convince him to head to Darkan Tower as Saflaan's advisor

- You can still access the basement of Drakan Tower to mine refined Dealyat ore, what use this has if any is yet to be seen.

- All vyrewatch have been removed from Meiyerditch

- Captain Rovin has extra dialogue, we correct him that vampyres are not actually undead.

- The citizens of Burgh De Rott have extra dialogue. They consider you a hero, and that their town is actually becoming a nice place to live!

- Vanescula in Darkmeyer explains why the vyrelords are still aggressive and you need a disguise.

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Roa**r in Canifis has new dialogue if you ask him about Morytania.

Meiyerditch citizens have new dialogue in which they talk about how Morytania apparently has a new ruler, and Meiyerditch children only say "Hello." now. Meiyerditch cats still have the same dialogue.

Meiyerditch miners explain why they're still mining.

Captured Meiyerditch citizens are now imprisoned for apparently killing a Vyre. Somehow.
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Megical Man

Megical Man

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Interestingly enough, there seems to be no additional dialogue between yourself and Kara Meir once you have the full Sunspear reforged. (She gave a new conversation if you had just the original Sunspear, post LoV).

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I'm not sure if this has been like this for a while or not, but there is an opening in the fence that I don't recall being there before between Meiyerditch and Efaritay's castle where we can directly get at the j**inates that are wandering in that area.

Also, if you examine the door to the castle proper, it states "What is behind ... the scary door?"

Again not sure if that is new to post-quest or not.

27-Apr-2016 15:36:56

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