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sir eos lee said:
I can assure you that this is not One Small Favor, but I'm All Fired Up.
I'll leave you Swept Away with a Stolen Heart.
We'll play Imp Catcher and Dragon Slayer.
With my Carnillean Rising, and when the Blood Runs Deep, you'll reach that One Piercing Note.
We'll visit The Dig Site, Do No Evil, and see your Family's Crest.
After a few minutes of Fur 'n' Seek, you'll have some Glorious Memories of The Grand Tree.
I've know people who'd pay me a King's Ransom for my Hero's Quest to find their Holy Grail as they clench that Hand in the Sand and find The Light Within rather than me Mountain Daughter or the Spirit of Summer.
Once you see My Mighty Fall in a River of Blood, I'll still show you What Lies Below.

When I'm done, The World Wakes to a Broken Home in My Heart of Stone, but you'll still yearn till next time for my Hero's Welcome.

BEST POEM EVER. Personally my choice would be the one from the Plague series, Elena, or maybe Kaime*, just saying. Being Armadylean works very well.

03-May-2016 20:46:00

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