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Ancient Drew said:

Sacrifice: She whispers to you, "Goodbye my love," before reuniting with Seren who collapses to the floor. When you pick her up and take her to Freneskae, you notice her blushing. Zaros picks up on this and then says,
"Please don't make her shatter herself again."
When you reach the Elder Halls, you get the impression that he actually does want you to say something to her in spite of telling you not to; his heart says do tell her about him restoring her, his head says don't. After restoring Seren's soul, she confesses her feelings for you, telling you how much you remind her of Guthix and that there's a part of her that has always been in love with you.

Spare: Seren returns to Prifddinas, and Eluned gives you her letter as well as confessions of her feelings, and hopes that you will be reunited on Tarddiad. In the future, you will both save the shapeshifters and then Seren heads there, saying that she needs to be fully restored. After accepting this tragic truth, you and Eluned embrace and lock lips as she glows brightly with the light of Seren, whilst fading as particles of her enter the crystal goddess. Tears in her eyes, Eluned whispers, "Goodbye my love," before her entire body dissipates and a crown of floating crystals appears over Seren's head, which is now glowing. Finally Seren walks towards you, lifting the veil over her face, and kisses you on the cheek.
I cri evrytim.

I ship (N)7spongyxYou (not referring to person i replied to)

Make of that what you will.
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