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Saradominists to the forum thread dedicated especially to you, followers of Saradomin, True God, Lord of Order and Wisdom, Light and Justice.

This is a thread catering to those players on the lore forums and forums in general who identify themselves as followers and sympathisers of the Most Holy Saradomin. As such, players are to expect factional praise to things related Saradomin.

The main objective of this thread is for Saradominists to have a friendly and comfortable place to chat, discuss lore developments and get to know each other. I will also permit advertisements of Saradominist related threads and events. This is NOT a thread to bash other factions NOR will I tolerate disrespectful analysis of other deities coming from this thread.

Since their are already a few active glorious speakers in the name of our lord, I do not wish for them to go unnoticed, and so they shall be listed in this thread's Honour Roll.

However, I do not want this thread to be just my contribution, all of my brothers are invited to collaborate, both suggesting relevant threads and commendable members of our community for our honour roll.

Finally, this thread will also provide information about our most Right and Honourable Lord, Saradomin, with quotes from His Word on His book of Wisdom and from distinguished NPC such as Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin. This thread will also aim at dispelling some of the most commonly held misconceptions surrounding the figure of our High God, not being the end goal an exhaustive analysis of the figure of our God. If you'd like to do that, you can ask me for directions to other threads that can serve this purpose better.

The currency of goodness is honour; It retains its value through scarcity. This is Saradomin's wisdom.

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The Word of Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin

Who is Saradomin?

Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin: Saradomin is the great protector - the god of light and order. He is first among the gods. Saradomin has more followers than any other god on Gielinor, and he has returned to protect us from evil and chaos.

Why should I follow Saradomin?

Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin: Saradomin is the guardian of us all. Under his protection, you need never fear chaos or evil. Through the grace of Saradomin, we will all achieve peace and security.

What does Saradomin want?

Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin: Saradomin is the one true god. This is his world, and he will watch over us all. He wants us to be safe. He will banish all other gods, so we can live on his world in peace - and in his glory!

Wisdom, from the Holy Book of Saradomin

Last Rites

The darkness of death comes to all mortals; May Saradomin guide your soul to light.


Go in peace in the name of Saradomin; may his glory shine upon you like the sun.


The currency of goodness is honour; It retains its value through scarcity. This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Book of Light

Saradomin's light is strongest in the dark.

There was no light in their eyes, and the lack of hope was their downfall.

The love of Saradomin is ever-forgiving.

Pad*menes, Saradominist General in the Battle of Lumbridge

Saradomin is the one true god. Saradomin brings us truth, light, justice and life. He is our protector and our guide.

Saradomin is the lord of light, the bringer of justice. He is stern, but merciful, and acts to protect us all. And so, when this fight is over and peace returns, our lord will watch over and guide us. There can be no greater calling than to serve Saradomin!

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Misconceptions Q&A

Saradomin is certainly a controversial God, no one will denie this. But I feel it is necessary that this thread address, if only superficially a bit of what is commonly said about him.

For such an attempt, I will employ JMod quotes that speak about Saradomin himself, from a thread of a distinguished member of our community, Kittyphantom. Whilst we must keep in mind that JMod quotes are not cannon, you will find they are quite consistent all round, usually emphasising on Saradomin's desire to be the protector of us all, so I find them quite trustworthy.

Q: Does Saradomin intend to kill the followers of the Gods?


'Icriulis @treemanforever 5 Nov
@JagexOsborne No no, I appreciate you answering the question. Next question, in your eyes is saradomin only tolerant to his followers?'

'David Osborne @JagexOsborne 5 Nov
@treemanforever He is not someone who would smite anyone who doesn't follow him. He only takes on those who threaten his people or himself.'

Q: Does Saradomin have a superiority complex, an ego that surpasses all other Gods? Does he only care for himself?


'Nelfarion @AZAlliance1 29 Dec
@JagexStu does Saradomin view himself above everyone else?'

'Mod Stu @JagexStu 29 Dec
@AZAlliance1 Not necessarily above. Is the town sheriff superior to its citizens? He has a duty to uphold the law & keep the varmints out'

Q: Does Saradomin want to banish all gods?


'John Vigneau @John25646 5h
@JagexStu Since Saradomin considers true gods as protectors, would he banish Seren and Armadyl?'

'Mod Stu @JagexStu 4h
@John25646 No, I don't think so, not unless they posed a threat to his followers and he needed to protect them.'

This are just some of the quotes. For a thread full of J-Mod quotes on Saradomin, visit the one made by Kittyphantom by the name of J-Mod Quotes on Saradomin.

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Q: Is Saradomin a hypocrite, a two-faced God who follows a do what I say but not what I do doctrine?

A: Mod Osborne, Lore Master, Around the Campfire, June 2013.


It is true that the rules Saradomin set for his people are not the same as those he follows, but he has good reasons for this. Imagine Saradomin as the sheriff of a backwater Wild West town - there are varmints who are upsetting the peace, and the only way to remove them is to face them with gunfire. There is an element of selflessness in Saradomin, but also an unforgiving nature, that we really want to present.

Q: Is Saradomin genuine about his goodwill for all?

A: Mod Raven, lore developer, Around the Campfire, June 2013.

You have to remember that Saradomin genuinely believes he's doing what's right. He absolutely believes he's doing it for the good of everyone, he thinks he's helping.

Sure, his recent methods haven't been ideal, but again remember that he has been locked out of this world for a long time and has only just managed to get a foothold again. So he's coming in with an outsiders perspective.


Q: Can we trust ANYTHING the mods say on quotes?

A: Mod Jack, 21 November, thread: J-Mod Quotes, Fact or Opinion? by Helbrect.

If it's in-game it's canon, but subject to change under extreme duress (such as a necessary retcon due to an inconsistency).

If it's stated by a mod outside of game, then at best it signifies an intention. It's indicative of what we (or perhaps just that mod) intends to put in game. Until it's put in game, I think it would be unwise to consider it canonical but at the same time it's quite (not? -seems to be a word missing-) just an opinion, because the mod has a lot more ability to make that opinion into canon than a player does.

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Honour Roll

This is a list of our distinguished forum faction members.

This are players that have contributed heavily and decisively to the discussion and defence of Saradomin, and as such, I would like to honour their services my posting their names here.

As I've said, other saradominists can suggest names to the list, of whom we shall then vote.

The Honourable Mention


Nerevarine x





Sir As***r


Prospecting Additions

None at the moment.

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Suggested threads

A list of suggested reading about Saradomin and other topics of interest.

New Saradomin Info

Mewzard quotes several pieces of information about Saradomin (some of which appear on Kittyphantom's thread) but nonetheless another worth the while read.

Saradomin: A Theodicy

KingStannis talks about how the discrepancies on Saradomin's actions and philosophy are not what they seem and in fact are part of a much larger picture of greatness.

Interpretations of Saradomin

Again, Kingstannis provides an analysis of Saradomin's God Book, which he believes is is a compelling message of his benevolence and general goodness.

The Defence of Saradomin

Nere***ine x defends Saradomin against the various deeds he is accused of doing, in the process using lore and making explanations and points of information where he considers necessary. A truly fantastic read.

The Good your Rival has Done

Kalitu brings forth a thread that serves to recognize the good of you're rival. A great exercise to appreciate and understand other gods.

Choose Your Faction

Nullius Pax briefly describes each of the main factions ideology to help newcomers get a small glimpse into each of the Gods most notable traits. A worthwhile read for those just recently discovering the God's Lore.

Saradominists of WE3

Raxxes presents a discussion about Saradomin's faction in the upcoming WE3. Discussion about other factions and how they play in, people declaring their support for Saradomin and some quotes from the Jmod quotes on Saradomin.

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Saradomin's Might

On this section, all members of the Saradomin forum faction will be detailed, including the ones on the Honour Role. I will add those I see around and you can also request your name to appear on the list if you so wish it.

Sir's and Ladies of Piety and Virtue


2.Nere***ine x





7.Sir As***r


9.Lumen Vector



12.Kalitu III

13.Soraz Drakyl


15.Vardan Korr



18.Scorpius IV


20.Sky Jexel

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Events and Gatherings

Wish to have a lore-related saradominist event announced? Post on the thread and I'll move it to this section.

For an easier identification use the form below.

Name (of the event):
Organiser/s and QFC (if it has a thread):
What are you planning:
Where/Meeting Place:
Date and time (preferably on the GMT you are planning to cater to):
Who can come (Saradominists, or are other factions invited?):
Requirements/things that need to be brought:

Events Currently Organised


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The Lord of Wisdom Speaks

Saradomin: I seek only to protect this world from outsiders, that you might eventually know peace.

Saradomin: I have made difficult choices. I have sacrificed others for my cause.
Saradomin: I believe it is for the greater good, but my actions have tarnished my soul.

Saradomin: All that I have done has been necessary for the good of Gielinor and its inhabitants.
Saradomin: Nevertheless, some of the actions I had to take were regrettable.
Saradomin: This is my sacrifice.

Saradomin: I have done...questionable things.
Saradomin: Yet I have always hoped that the ends justify my means.
Saradomin: I had hoped to use the wand to restore the centaur race.
Saradomin: I try to do what is necessary to protect my people, that they might live a life of virtue without fear.
Saradomin: ...and have no cause to dirty their hands, as I have.

Saradomin: Your loyalties are your own to choose. I force no one to bow their knee before me.
Saradomin: You show great courage to stand before a god without fear.

Saradomin: It is thanks to my wisdom and guidance that the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia have enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity.
Saradomin: I have returned to protect you from harm, and bring humanity into a new age of order and enlightenment.

Saradomin: Even Zamorak wouldn't condone the loss of life without reason. Destruction must serve a purpose.

Saradomin: [...] regret begets wisdom, and I have much to regret.

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