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Deltaslug said:
Frankly, you didn't add the player character.

we have an entire skill dedicate to thieving.
we have the Thieve's Guild and capers where we are committing arson, fraud, theft, and assault just to create an entire legal guild dedicated to thieving

we've killed how many citizen of the world?
we have the hunting, fishing, and slayer skills that run the risk of removing life from the planer.
woodcutting and firemaking that contribute to global warming and deforestation.

right now, we're little more than a step or 2 behind the Wise Old Man.

-in swan song we flat out used necromancy.
-slayer dungeon, trapping souls (death would be so mad)
-killed a troll and took it's child (idk how that works now, is that still canon?)
-we also kinda work with the mahjarrat (my fave characters but evil)

Then again Guthix was the god of balance no wonder he chose us, for we have done great many good, questionable, and evil deeds :D
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30-Jul-2018 22:31:59

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