The Morytania Coffin

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Hguoh said:
It is heavily hinted that the vampyre within the coffin was the one vampyre in the entire series who was able to cross the Salve without consequence:

Ivandis Seergaze. Throughout the quest you find his tomb empty, notes describing his attempts to find a cure, and eventually his plan to return to Paterdomus to let the Salve finish him (keep in mind that he was able to cross it without harm once before when he first began succumbing to the curse).

Likely once Ivandis realized that the Salve would not end him, he willingly entered imprisonment in the temple so as to not become a threat to those he had sacrificed so much for (Why else would they keep a vampyre alive?). There he lay, his mind eventually falling to the transformation.

What happens next is plainly just what occurs in the quest series.

First, we restored the original enchantment way back in the series' beginnings (remember, this is had no effect on Ivandis, nor the vampyre in the coffin hence the regular shaking).

Second, we used his Super Guthix Balance recipe to place a new enchantment on the Salve (we know that this did affect him, as per his notes), and like the vyres who attempted to cross, it rendered the vampyre in the coffin feral (ergo, the stirred state).

Finally, we used the Extreme Guthix Balance recipe to place yet another new enchantment on the Salve that cured vampyres who crossed (this potion was theoretically the only way to cure Ivandis, and would have returned him to human form starving and ancient before perishing).

What do you think?
100% exactly what I was thinking, HIGH-FIVE!!!

Also did those messages change during the quest, or quest series? Makes more sense for just the quest.
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