Who ate the horse?

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Nolhiir said:
Nah, I think the truth is that Jagex just doesn't care about horses. There's too many inconsistencies, such as horses being referenced by the Karamja cart and the Lores & Histories, yet the guy who changes your family crest not knowing what the "legendary horse" looks like and requiring a reference. I believe horses and hornless unicorns to be the same thing, but the problem is that nobody at Jagex cares enough to keep up a consistent story for their lack of a presence.
In short, horses are the single biggest lorefail in the game.
It's called a recurring joke, like how the mods joked about not updating the Black Knight Titan(who seriously needs lore, I have no idea what he exactly is and his origin).
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26-Jun-2016 20:12:46

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