Unsolved Morytanian Mysteries

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So River of Blood happened, great quest overall, can't play it yet though sadly, and many, MANY plot threads were wrapped up or were at least given some information on. But there are still a few small ones that have not been solved, and may never be solved. The mods stated that some of the really small plot threads would never be wrapped up, as not every mystery is ever answered, truth. So, what requires an answer?


First lets start off with questions that have already been solved/talked about but nobody realized (majority of info in this section comes from Q&A).

Yes, Mod Rowl*y confirmed that he was this whole time, but it was never stated in-game because it would have been useless to bring up after his death.

How was Ascertes a Vampyre before the process was possible? lorefail Jagex
No, Rowl*y stated that vamp*rification was previously possible, but it did not always work.

Who is the vampyre in the coffin in Paterdomus?
Ivandis Seergaze, how you may ask? In the book you receive from the bookshelf in Paterdomus, Ivandis states that following a ritual to bless the salve, it cost him his humanity, and he slowly transformed into a vampyre. With all his friends and associates dead all around, he went into Morytania so he could not harm anyone else, but returned to Paterdomus after failed attempts to save himself, restraining himself in the coffin. He was alive all this time, and after you bless the Salve so that J**inates become feral, his coffin starts shaking, meaning he turned feral. After you bless the Salve with the ability to revert Vyres to humans, he dies in his coffin, either from just reverting, reverting and suffocating, or maybe just because he was old after becoming a human again. Long text wow.
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Now for the actual real unanswered questions!

1) What happened to Mauritys Guile?
Sarius Guile, his daughter, believes it is possible that he survived. Even so, he would be incredibly old by then.

2) What is behind the cobwebbed door in Drakan's Crypt?
Stu stated there was more cobwebs behind it, I see no reason to disagree. Rowl*y also stated that we would never go into that door, as apparently the world has to end at some point, wise.

3) Will we ever meet Pol*afi Ferdygris again?
The hallucination in Castle Drakan, along with a few mod statements, implies that he is still alive and is trying to hunt and survive in Vampyrium. Perhaps we can meet him again in the Sixth Age through the World Gate, and he can give us tips on the Venators there and help us with any of the other activities there too.

4) Is Aeonis* a part of the splinter group?
His face when he says it is a shame that the zamorakian leader of the splinter group was not killed, suspicious. Perhaps he was the saradominist leader, but one mod says that similar hair color means nothing, I DISAGREE!

5) Will we ever visit Efaritays former castle?
Mod Rowl*y stated that there is nothing interesting behind the scary door. Side note: Why was it removed from the World Map in the first place, along with all those other areas? Technical limit? Old plans Tytn had for it? It does look like it was made a long time ago.

6) Who originally created Tarns Lair?
It was likely to be the Zarosians, has that kind of feel to it. The mods stated that Salve crystals would have had a role in the quest, but were cut due to time constraints. Maybe if they were included, we would have found out?

7) What happened to Charos?
Is he a Vampyre now, was he murdered after his betrayal? I need to know, because I just want my ring to be safe, it's still useful to me, and if he wants to 1v1 me in wild then I'm ready to own him.
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Hguoh said:
An answer to one of your questions:

1) In the notes we recover, Mauritys Guile mentions using some of his discoveries in order to secretly prolong his own life. Assuming he was successful in that endeavor, he should be alive and well somewhere doing something.
Makes sense, hopefully we get to meet him one day, perhaps he can teach us some magic-related abilities.
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