Xau-Tak: God of the Horrors

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Cthris said:
Anyways, something has been bothering me for awhile. Why does everyone seem to assume that Xay Tak is this super mega powerful God?

It most likely has to do with his description of going to other worlds and leaving behind "corpse-oceans" in his wake. The imagery such a description conjures is one of a powerful entity capable of wiping-out the life on any world it wants. At the very least it's certainly a creepy thought to envision something leaving behind so many dead bodies it practically looks like an ocean.

On top of that, there's the C*hulu overtones with being a tendril/tentacle'd Lovecraftian Horror who employs mind-games, power over the dead, and horror tactics with those who cross its path. Typically, the C*hulu/Lovecraftian Horror brand of entity also comes bearing a boatload of otherworldly power.
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