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I see my character travelling the Universe, visiting multiple races and worlds, helping whoever and whatever he can, he bumps into Zaros again, and Seren, who have by this time reconciled and have terraformed Freneskae into a lush environment, with Mah's body no longer there, but they have a statue in tribute to her.

Later on, Aredan would be drawn into battle in Teragard, as one of the noble houses had gone rouge from Saradomin's new laws there, which were made after he withdrew from Gielinor in the 6th age, Aredan was begged to help, but was injured by the rouge faction's leader, Aredan had killed him while he lay dying...His wife (they got married a year after the Endgame) Ariane was luckily at the battle, not risking her friend's life for a second, and she teleported them back to Gielinor, in Ashdale, where the church of saradomin was remade into the church of the people, where they would give charity and help eachother, there were shrines to every god there, so anyone could worship whoever, and Ariane tried as much as she humanly could, but she could not save him from the magic of his adversary's blade. Aredan bade Ariane to, first, tell him if she was going to have a child, and secondly, to gather his most closest friends to him in his final moments, he knew he would die, but it would be over soon...

Ariane told Aredan that she would have a Son and a Daughter. "Call them Arachor for the boy..and Alaena for the girl.. Ariane would gather Sir Owen Sonde, who had been previously healed of his corrupted arm, Ozan, one of Aredan's signature hero friends, and finally, one of Aredan's closest friends, Gudrik, his first mentor.

After Aredan gave his friends an emotional goodbye, they held a funeral for him, and buried him with Guthix, in his final resting place. All of the gods Aredan had known were present, even Zamorak, who had some respect for Aredan, Seren was there, but Zaros had to comfort here throughout.

And there is the final story of Aredan...

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