Seren, Zaros, or Armadyl?

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Padomenes said:
Regrette Hex said:
Lord Remus said:

And before anyone starts shouting at me that "Zaros has a plan for the Elders!", stop I get it. Zaros's "plan" is ridiculous and the fact so many put so much faith in it shocks me.

We can find our own way to deal with the Elders, our own way to handle the Dragonkin and our own way to do things our way.

See, that's great in theory, but the Godless do not know about the Elder Gods and even if they did, there's nothing they can do. There's nothing Vorago can do this time, either. Zaros' plan might be nebulous and risky, but it's the only plan there is right now, and Zaros is the only god powerful enough to do something as of this post.
Seren will come up with an alternate plan too, we do not have to risk it. Also Vorago can summon up all of the Anima Mundi of Gielinor, he represents Gielinor's entire Anima Mundi. If the elder gods attacked it would probably be a fair fight if it was 1 v 1. He will just reform everytime he is killed to attack again, do not underestimate Vorago. He took down Tuska with only 1 punch.

Actaully 3 blows and an energy blast =/
WE1- Aligned/
WE2- Aligned/
WE3 -Aligned/

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