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Uncle Pob said:
But what if dimensions existed that were completely separate from our own. Our current inability to reach them doesn't prove they don't exist. Likewise, the absence of any clear proof of such a dimension limits the amount of work being done on research into such a theoretical plane - this means we *won't* uncover the existence of anything like that by accident or design, until something or someone comes through from that dimension and metaphorically says "hello".

I did acknowledge that possibility with the, 'outside our reality,' bit. When it comes to multiple realities, however, I have to default to Occam's razor: if two competing hypotheses equally explain that which is observed, one should default to the one that makes less unproven assumptions (otherwise you run into the issue of accepting multiple potentially contradicting potentially unfalsifiable explanations for any given topic).

To add to the idea of Xau-Tak being imaginary, our character's 'first' run in with Xau-Tak (Pieces of Hate) has Rabid Jack 'infect' us with a glimpse of the black hand to drive us mad over time (with no indication that this effect would end after the fight). Throughout the following fight, we have to manage our sanity or fall prey to ever worsening and damaging hallucinations. Should one manage their sanity after letting it fall too far, the hallucinations that had been plaguing your character will vanish. This includes the black hand of Xau-Tak itself.

As a result, I am inclined to view Xau-Tak as an insidious memetic agent rather than a god or as something beyond our reality.

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