A Sixth Elder God?

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Mister Kaese
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Mister Kaese

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Maybe a spoiler, maybe not. Anyways, while playing "The Light Within" we were given a vision of back when Seren and Zaros were still Mah's Caretakers. During this cutscene, Zaros speaks of finding the eggs where the Elder Gods hatched and claimed.

"It was easy enough to find the memories, when you look carefully enough. Six of them, five of form and one of something else."

Unless I've missed some, we've only known of Jas, Ful, Bik, Wen, and Mah. From which hatched from the five eggs located in the Elder Halls on Freneskae. So who is this 6th one that Zaros mentioned? He said "One of something else." so maybe the sixth Elder God in incorporeal?

24-Aug-2015 19:07:51

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is this related to the stone of jas perhaps? one of 'something else' could be referring to how the stone is basically an elder god egg or w/e but is... different...
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24-Aug-2015 19:48:25

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Lord Pyro I said:
Hmmm there was an extra chamber in that previous quest (with the elder god mouthpieces)

That room was intended for Mah, if I'm not mistaken, yielding a total of 5 rooms. There's still 1 unaccounted for if Zaros told the truth.

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Eva Element

Eva Element

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Depends when the Elder Artifacts were created. If Jas created the Stone shortly after they hatched to make up for Mah's still born then that could be the 6th that Zaros is feeling. He just didn't know at the time.

Only after he had been abroad in the universe did he learn about the SoJ.
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24-Aug-2015 20:14:18

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Maybe Zaros was referring to the physical remnants of the previous elders that are no longer there for whatever reason? Probably not, but just throwing it out there. Alternatively, Wen may actually be a pair of twins. Maybe the sixth memory is referring to whatever disease got ahold of Mah.

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If Zaros told the truth. Hopefully he did. "Can you outrun the ground, Avaryss? Will being a World Guardian stop you from being crushed?" "I will kill basically anyone that has ever brought you joy." - Sliske

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Zaros did tell the truth.

Jas. Ful. Bik. Wen. Mah.

Count them. 5.

Wen is the elder goddess with the different chronicle location and name and is Thought by Azzanadra to be either split into two, be so huge she stretches the distance herself, or something he theorises that he won't share yet.

Zaros is just further noticing the oddity that Wen is.
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sir eos lee

sir eos lee

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It could be something in the meta-sense?

- A Elder equivalent of Death.
The Elders have been at this revision stuff for a long long time.
Who's to say they don't literally carry either their lost Elders with them (even if they aren't physically there) or that they are forced carry over the anima from the previous cycle into the new cycle somehow.

- Foreshadow
Each cycle, the Elders create the universe. But they instinctively know "something" is going to happen that might cause them to lose 1 of their number.
Thus, they create whatever event will be the end of 1 of them.

24-Aug-2015 23:11:37

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