Why Sliske has no Gemstone?

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So, as we know from the recent quest, Children Of Mah, all of the Mahjarrat, even Hazeel, who was once a Mahserrat, has a gemstone to represent the fact that they are a Mahjarrat. The gemstone is WHO they are, their memories, their personalities.

So why in Zaros' flaming shadow does Sliske not have a gemstone?!? Notably, he was also absent from the final ritual of rejuvination, meaning that he has gained none of Mah's power.

Could this mean that Sliske has multiple personality disorder? Does this mean that Sliske, the Mahjarrat who is heavily shown to have an obsession with Dramas and Plays and MASKS, has no gemstone because he IS a mask, and the real Sliske is underneath a very complex (And maybe literal) mask, a wretch who should have died long ago....

What do you think?

22-Nov-2016 20:13:20

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