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Regarding Zamorak's ability to gain great power rapidly from the Stone, I'd like to refer to this post-quest dialogue from "Dishonour Among Thieves":
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Player: Have you gained power from touching the Stone of Jas?

Zamorak: I was able to absorb a lot of power from the Stone within a short time, almost as if I was re-energising stores that already existed within me. As the World Guardian, you were only able to channel the Stone's energy temporarily, whereas I was able to fully absorb it in order to permanently increase my strength.
Personally, I compare this to obesity. If someone overeats on a regular basis, their stomach begins to distend, growing larger with time and thus able to accommodate a larger volume of food. Even should they later lose a significant amount of weight, their stomach will remain enlarged.

Similarly, Zamorak had the power blasted out of him by Saradomin at the Battle of Lumbridge, but his soul retained a certain "memory" of its former magical power. Provided with even a brief exposure to such a font of anima as the Catalyst, he was able to very rapidly regain his old power. Zamorak cheated on his diet.

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Zaros in the Sanctum.

Ask about his origins.

Number 4: Are you unique?

Zaros: All beings are unique, but I understand your meaning. There is one other akin to I - the divine aspect of light energy.

Player: Who?

Zaros: I shall not speak of it here, but I sense you have inking of whom I speak. What I will share is that all magic comes from elder gods, and that magic is fueled by anima - that which philosopher fancifully call a soul. The elder gods wield their magic to create anima - generators - what we call worlds. The young gods' power is magic stolen from the elder gods. It is limited, fleeting. My powers derives directly from anima. I believe Guthix discover this link which allowed him to gain the power he did. And it was this knowledge of anima that enable him to create his edicts...and create you, World Guardian. With his death, the young gods' eyes have been opened to the divine. And their ignorance would see them tear this world's 'souls' asunder. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Now my theory. Guthix ended the God Wars. He must "created" a human into existence. Who has the powers to do all be cool, badass, kick ass, beat the shit out of anybody, go super saiyan green mode, borrow godly powers for a short time and at the same time CANNOT become a GOD either.

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I Kinda Fail

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I guess the best example I can think of is Divination.

To gather energy from a wisp, you tap the floating wisp. That's us, touching the Stone of Jas.

After that, you begin siphoning energy from the wisp for your own usage. That's the gods.

We didn't really try to become a god in WGS, but I think we could've, with the know-how... assuming our bodies could handle it. But at the same time, then we'd be a MASSIVE target for the Dragonkin, without true godhood.

I'm pretty sure it was also said that time spent with the Stone let you gather residual energy anyways. Guthix was with it for a long time, I think. He used it several times. My lore's a little choppy, so I'm not positive if Guthix made the rune/pure essence or that was just a side effect of leaving the Stone in that area for so long. But Lucien left the Stone in that cave with the Glacors, so now every time we visit the cave we get a free energy boost. It's not implausible that Guthix was getting that free energy boost, constantly, over time.

Meaning: if we put our new Divination skills to the test and didn't have Guthix's WG shield, or we let the SoJ sit in our house for a few years, we'd probably get a lot more powerful. But we were noobs at the time, and it's too late now.
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