The Great Asgarnian Conspiracy

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We have never seen Prince Anlaf or King Vallance. That is already strange enough, but why?
Why have we never seen the monarchy of Asgarnia when we have met other monarchs?

I suggest that the white knights have stolen the throne for their Saradominist cause.

Most people already know that King Vallance's ancestor, King Raddalin, the first king, accepted the then leader of the Kinshra as a friend, most people including the White Knights who were obviously Saradominist, hated this. What if, this order of knights wanted to end this line after years of grudge?

Anlaf is likely alive as in the last year of the 5th age he opened his private games room.

Vallance is said to have fallen deathly ill and can no longer appear in public.

And who was left in charge?

Not the King's relative, Miazrqa.

Not Anlaf.

Sir Amik Varze, the Leader Of The White Knights.

It makes far more sense to stick to the royal family than replace it, does it not?

This is clearly suspicious, more so than Sliske giving christmas gifts! (METAPHOR)

Next post for reasonings...

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I propose that High King Vallance was poisoned by the white knights to claim control over Asgarnia to make it a Saradomin Controlled City that would seek to Zealously claim control over surrounding regions that did not hearken to their beliefs.

Lets look at the facts.

We have a usurper order of knights who immediately place their leader in Vallance's place after he conveniently falls deathly ill.
We have an incognito Crown Prince who has FULL right to the throne of Asgarnia, yet never claims it.
We have a Guthixian colony of Dwarves in Asgarnian territory.

Wait, what?

The Dwarves have main control over the resources mined in the caves, coal, iron, tin, copper. Dwarves control the supply of mithril and adamantite in the Mining Guild.
We know from Aeonisig Rasphier, King Roald Remis III's Advisor, that in the book, Legacy Of Blood (Unknown Canon or not.), that he believes that Saradomin created the Edicts of GUTHIX. (Clue is in the name buddy) In the same book, he is put in charge of an inquisition to purify the city of....Non Saradominists.

If Saradominists can be so uptight and stupid, what if the white knights are the same? Sir Owen Sonde, a temple knight hero clearly shows, the incurable disease, of Zealot-ism.
Sir Owen originates from Falador and is a Temple Knights, an offshoot of the White Knights commanded by Saradomin himself.
Back to the dwarves, they are an opposite belief to Saradomin, and although it was in a book, we know, how far Saradominists will go to exort their Authority.

This is why the white knights took over Falador. This is why we never see Vallance. He was snuffed out of his rightful throne, by a group of religious zealots... The sad part is Anlaf knows full well about the white knights, and probably does not really know what happened to his beloved father, after he left for Burthorpe.

Could we see an Imperial Guard uprising?Could Anlaf march into his proud city's gates and be denied, then attack? We will see.

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Sorry, forgot to put this detail in the 2nd post,

The dwarves, as i said, have full material resource control, so they are the final arbiter on how much gear the White Knights have, they, to the white knights, are a threat.
From what we know about Saradominist Zealots like the White Knights, they may one day take the fight to them. We will see.

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Solanumtinkr said:
In the letter from Kind Raddalin, it has now come to light that the Saradominist faction went out of their way to destroy the reputation of the Black Knights, to get rid of any and all competition, (getting the Void Knights,the Guthixian, military arm, banished to Taverly). and finally drive the Black Knights out of Falador altogether. All they would have needed at that point was to get rid of the Prince, declare the King dead, and Asgarnia would have been their's.

Now the letter is out there, and you have to understand that Asgarnia is a real smelting pot of numerous tribes and faiths. A successful King could never be too biased to one tribe or trouble could quickly ferment. The White Knights leadership took action, that the Letter from King Radalin would show them to be responsible for the whole mess. And that the Black Knights were the victims of an elaborate Saradominists plot, and not the perpetrators at all.

That one letter has the potential to destabilise the whole powder keg the Kingdom is and have it blow up into a full scale civil war. Not just a couple of sides either , from the sounds of things. But a nasty multiway brawl.

Exactly, the black knights are evil. Sure. Zamorakian, sure. But they are the victims.

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