The Universal Enemy?

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A Mad Hatter

A Mad Hatter

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Did KS worsen or improve your opinion of Sliske?:

My opinion of the guy really didn't change too much. I've always thought that he was little more than a plot device that jagex is too afraid to let us properly deal with beyond making our characters useless in cutscenes (seriously, I had a drygore sword in my hand during the beating, why the hell did my character go for a punch instead?:@ ), and the quest more or less played out as I expected it would in that respect. Though I do wish his more twisted jigsaw tendencies would come out more often after seeing how good he can get with that stuff.

Do you plan to take vengeance against Sliske? :

If the option presents itself, !#@!$ yeah. Out of universe, I've always wondered how a Mahjarrat looks when you cut them up on an operating table and go all mad scientist on whatever they have on the inside. In universe....I still like to watch things bleed out painfully, especially if they started it by throwing the first punch...

Or I'll settle for at least some poetic irony stuff like using his own little 'games' against him. An ever shifting shadow maze similar to the one he put Ahrim though sounds nice to me :3

Would you team up with all the characters you personally despise if it meant Sliske would be brought to whatever Justice you thought was right?:

Yeah, but only because Sliske is potentially going to mess the world up. I keep my stuff in the world. I don't plan on losing that stuff because of rivalries. :s
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