The Universal Enemy?

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Did KS worsen or improve your opinion of Sliske?:

Worsen, but perhaps in a different way than most other players. You see, prior to this I wouldn't say I hated Sliske, I actually pitied him. I sincerely believed he would end up with his fair share of tragedy, symbolically using the mask as a front to hide his true self from the world; I expected him to be the type of person who never truly felt compatible in any world, and he used his theatricality to hide that side of him. A wayward soul, never making the basic connection to others.

But it seems he does have direction, and the masks aren't there to hide a pained soul at heart, they are simply there to cover-up some nasty ****. I would be willing to share a moment of empathy with him, even if I don't personally agree with him, but certainly no longer. He took part of my my very essence, and practically beat the bald off of me.

Do you plan to take vengeance against Sliske? *Best suggestions get praised*:

YES. As an ex-Guthixian, he took my God from me. He took part of my soul from me. He dared lay a hand on me. I say it's time for me to wear a new type of facemask, one perhaps carved from his own flesh after I suitably remove his head and place it tightly on the end of a pike.

Would you team up with all the characters you personally despise if it meant Sliske would be brought to whatever Justice you thought was right?:

Yes. I've generally always been willing to put aside my own biases for the greater good. With Sliske, I'd even be willing to find Lucien's bag of dusty old bones and sooner side with those if it helped take down Scumbag Sliske.
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