The Prophecies of the Oracle

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Sorry, not a huge thread about Eldritch horrors, or world ending quests this time. This thread is just to discuss whatever strange mumbo jumbo The Oracle of Ice Mountain has to say. I believe there was a thread about this in the past, but that was a long time ago.

She doesn't have much that isn't just cliché comments about the universe, or stuff we already know, but there is a few things I found interesting that I thought I'd share for those of you who don't run up to the oracle after every update...

- The final dream will reach its full potential: IMO this is likely referring to Khazard.

- The last shall become the first: This one I'm really not sure about, but it sounds interesting. Is it Gielinor becoming the first world in the new cycle? Will Mah become the new leader of The Elder Gods? Who knows...

- The sun will shine before the daughter: I believe this is reffering to Tumeken (the sun) and Amascut (the daughter).

- He who uses the power of custard mixes it with his tears: Not relevant at all. I just thought more people should sympathise with poor old Melzar.

- Is it time to wake up? I am not sure... Might refer to the Elder Gods, Guthix back in the day, or it might just be nonsense.

After you get the chronicle fragment on Ice Mountain you also have a discussion with some Elder God foreshadowing (I'm gonna bet most of you have heard this one):

Player: Can you impart your wise knowledge to me, Oracle?
Oracle:Wen the cold wind blows.
Player: Don't you mean 'when'?
Oracle: Who?
Player: No, when.
Oracle: At the end of things.
Player: What? I'm lost.
Oracle: As are we all.
Player: Never mind.
Player: You know, I preferred your older prophecies.

That's it (well, actually there's a lot more I didn't include, feel free to talk to her or look up a transcript)! It's not much, but it's fairly interesting... Ish. Might even be relevant to something!
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