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I'm a bit late so if this has already been resolved please forgive me.

* Possible reasons they moved to the area was out of fear that their 'magic' would be punished after the discovery of rune essence and the resulting tensions. Or maybe they just saw the future and knew they should go settle there?

I should probably know more about this given my username, but IIRC isn't the entire point that Rellekan Fremennik don't actually have anything against magic? It's not magic they're opposed to, it's runecrafting. The mountain tribe left because *they*don't like magic at all, while Relleka is accepting of it as long as it doesn't involve runes. And IIRC wasn't the reason the whole anti-magic thing came into being in the first place was because they believed it was stealing power from the gods? Seers are believed to get their power *from* the gods (although that's likely not true), so that wouldn't apply to them.

* The Seers could have potentially told the Sinclair family to build the castle as they foresaw the arrival of King Arthur and told them that in return they would house a powerful ally who would protect their lands from all threats.

Personally I think I'd prefer if the Sinclairs just built it because they're filthy rich and a bit eccentric, but it works.

Aquamancer said:
Helring said:
I understand the original Seers Village seers being Fremmenik in origin, but possibly include some others? If they accept other cultures, I imagine that others that might possibly have access to that magic might have joined them, perhaps a couple seers of alternate races.

The ability to be a seer is likely a hereditary trait, not a learned one: therefore, only the descendants of the Fremennik seers can ever become seers.

The Burning Tower Lore & Histories story supports this.
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