Saranthium and the Dragonkin

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Around 3700ish of the Third Age, a Zamorakian-Saradominist alliance laid siege on one of the last remaining Zarosian hubs: the holy city of Senntisten. Their force was overwhelming and, despite the Mahjarrat Wahisietel's best effort to set them against each other, Senntisten's priest-king Dagroda had to order the city's immediate evacuation. As its inhabitants were either slaughtered or fled elsewhere, the city was taken over by the alliance.

Minor Nitpick: It was 100 generations after Zaros fell which could be anything from 2000 and above, not necessarily around 3700. Yes, there's a Zamorakian cok* dated 3740, but that only means he had the city *by that point*.
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