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The dawning of the sixth age, due to the death of Guthix by Sliske's hand, set a plan in motion that had been formulating since the first God Wars. It all started on that fateful day in the empty throne room. Sliske had disappeared during the final moments of the battle between Zaros and Zamorak to convey the news...

Fast-forward to the end of the fifth age. Sliske smiles at the player as the Staff of Armadyl strikes Guthix and ends his edicts. It was at this moment that the final contingency to the plan was achieved. The great gods of Gielinor foolishly played right into his plan. The ultimate plan for balance.

Guthix is the ultimate Puppet Master for Sliske's Endgame.

Sliske, as the Praefectus Praetorio, might have known and conversed with Guthix during his first awakening (maybe even the cause of his first awakening). In order to better understand the power of the Staff of Armadyl, Sliske did not intervene in the fight between Zaros and Zamorak.

Understanding of the siphoning abilities of the Staff allowed a plan that Guthix created to work. By using the staff on himself, Guthix could transfer his power equally into the world of Gielinor. This, however, was just a experiment aided by Sliske, that had to be preformed before the true plan could commence.

The Plan
In Sliske's Endgame, I believe the SoA could be used to siphon all the power out of the gods of Runescape. It might already be doing so. In Children of Mah, Mah attempted to create the giant ritual stone to reach through the abyss and in to Gielinor, but never actually succeeded. Zamorak, Zaros, and the rest of the Mahjarrat all had a similar connection and so thought Mah was the culprit in their loss of power.

Ultimately, the biggest threat is the one you don't see coming. Guthix, the most powerful god in Runescape before the SoA incident, had to diminish his power to both achieve balance and prevent himself from being sensed by other gods.

"Remember...your purpose... forget me."

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