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My main character is a Saradominist, but when I started this account I decided to go Bandosian and pick the "evil" choices in quests. So pick whatever you think is the most different from Zaros maybe?

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A new direction? Start with a Motto! Like: I'm not nuts, I'm an acorn!

Be happy in your madness and changeability.

Understand that everything is perception, an interpretation of events and the environment, filtered through biochemical mechanisms that started out upside down before they ever reach you brain. And that even if 2 people see the same blue ball, no 2 people's views are going to be identical. So when the world goes to hell in a hand basket, remember that you are adrift in a sea of willing idiots and you can always step on their heads to keep afloat.

You are the Adventurer.

You can gather more cash than a kingdom will ever see and spend it in an afternoon.

You can slaughter monsters in such quantities that you should be remembered as the biggest mass butcher of all time. Yet no one will bat an eyelid or even remember it by afternoon tea.

You meddle in anything and everything and have such a bad singing voice that even Death throws you back like an unwanted fish.

And Greedy little toad chasing an overpriced paper hat.

Be what ever you want to be. Follow no one but your own conscience. And let no one make your mind up for you. Read it all, learn what you can and take what you want from it, that which is writen, is not gospel. And just because someone says something is so doesn't mean they understood what they saw. Death is but a learning experience and the path to victory is paved in blood...endless hours of grinding and respawning.

The universe is very odd place, full of wonder, horror and powered on bullheaded ignorance, all you need to do is to be just as crazy to understand how it all works!

Let lunacy be your guiding light! ^_^
The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
Poke monsters with a sharp stick, Then steal anything that isn't nailed down!
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I don't know which one would be best to follow, but if you go Bandos you get amazing dialogue in Nomad's elegy... That being said, emissaries are a 6th age thing and before that the player was probably more neutral, with sympathy for several factions. -
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Go with Seren.

You're adamant with following Zaros on your main so why not see what the other half of him thinks? The opposite yet the same, the other side of the argument, the second solution to saving the world.

If you work your way up to endgame on both accounts, which sadly will be far too easy given the sad little requirements we're given these days, you can see just how both play out side by side.

I plan to make a thread when the day arrives so everyone can share their alternate paths, endings, choices, and thoughts. I know of zero Serenists, so it'd be nice to her outcome at least represented.
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26-May-2016 19:12:08

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Sepulchre said:
So I rediscovered the drowssap to a noob account recently, that hasn't been played in over 700 days before I rediscovered this. I've decided to repeat all my favorite content on this account... that of course being LORE! QUESTS!

but... I don't want her to be the same. I want her to be independent of Sepulchre. I want her to follow a different path.. a different god. I want her "alignment" to be different.

As one can probably tell, I am a Zarosian... Both in-character and RL. Honestly, my RL self believes a lot of things he says can be applied to the Real World, and I tend to lean towards him even out-of-character.

That's where this thread comes in.. I want someone to convince me! Convince me to follow their god (or a god, not necessarily the one you follow). I'd prefer one with a Title that relates to them (Sliske, Seren, Armadyl, Saradomin, Bandos, Zamorak, Godless..) but one that isn't Zaros.

P.S. Yes, This is a moral dilemma thread. Don't judge me.

Edit: drowssap backwards is still censored. Jagex, get with the times.

Your indecisiveness shows weakness! Follow Bandos, and always know you're in the right, even when you're not!

You clearly want some order in your life, and Saradomin will show you the way.

You need to find balance in yourself before you can enforce balance on the world.

Embrace the chaos of a new start! Go Zamorak!

Seren will be your guiding light through any quest. Under her, you need not fear.

!@#$ it, Sliske.
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Schmit said:
Zamorak. He is the only God to have come to our aid when we were faced with death (DAT), and his theory of chaos has never been more true (think of all the power you've gained since these Second God wars started). He is also the only God to have ever wounded Sliske (DAT). So if you want a God who will watch your back, give you immense power, and will make an effort to take down the enemy. Zamorak is for you.
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"Maybe you should go and love yourself."—Justin Bieber I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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Since you're currently Zarosian and your primary goal is for this account to be a different experience, then the immediately logical choice would be Zamorak. Their ideologies are effectively opposite, thus giving you the best chances of playing a totally different character. Sliske is a similar choice for similar reasons, but in my opinion roleplaying as a Sliskean would be very difficult and probably not worth the effort.

Another way of looking at it, however, is to consider how Zaros is closely tied to Mah lore; Zamorak, Seren and Sliske all fall under the same Mah umbrella (Mahmbrella, if you will). So perhaps a better way of seeking a new experience is to choose an alignment that lacks the Mah connection -- Saradomin being the obvious choice. Armadyl is another option just kidding he has no lore. The Godless, while also lacking engaging lore, at least have a strong platform to stand on, so I'd personally consider them a decent choice.

Ultimately I think it depends on what you specifically want to differ from Sepulchre: if you want your new account's actual character to be different, go with option 1 and pick an alignment with an ideology opposite to that of Zaros (e.g. Zimzams), but if you instead prefer your interactions with NPCs to be what differs (and to explore different aspects of RuneScape's lore), then pick option 2 and go with a non-Mah alignment like Saradomin.

EDIT: Just to cover all 9 bases: the Bandos faction has effectively been Hazeeled, and V is of course a joke. Both are beneath consideration.

...except if you're intending to use this account solely to experience older content and not to continue onward into future Sixth Age content, in which case going Bandosian would actually be the optimal choice, given that he had aspects of both options 1 and 2 discussed above.
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