Is Thammaron really dead?

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Sodden Hound said:
I think a demon turns to ashes regardless of if they're a projection or not. Born from the flames and all. That said, I don't think we see flash mobs entering through portals do we? I've never checked them out, so, if not, they're probably just spawning their projections in those locations.
And I don't think Avernics can consume to empower themselves like a Chthonian can? Obviously they can consume things, but I don't think it's nearly the same as what a Chthonian demon does, so Thammaron eating his servants wouldn't have saved him. That said, he still could have called for help.

Also, Thammaron probably came to Gielinor because he'd be much more powerful that way - their forms are less powerful if projected.

Avernic demons don't actually eat or drink at all, though a JMod (Mod Jack I think) has suggested they might sip on souls like fine wine.

Also, it hasn't been said demons use a construct for projection.
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Sodden Hound
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Avernic book says they can construct forms, OR possess something/someone. My current thinking about waterfiend-type demons, and gargoyles, is that they're demons that possessed water elementals and statues respectively. Obviously hasn't been confirmed nor denied yet, but Mod Jack likes the idea and he's the head of demon stuff. And yea, like I said, they don't consume in the same way as chthonians, but evidently they still can consume souls as someone pointed out earlier.

EDIT: Avernic book says they possess living hosts, so the gargoyle theory is iffy, but we know statues can be animated, so -shrug-
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Cthris said:
There's a demon who possess one of the machines in the pirate series. Possessing a statue isn't much more of a stretch than a non-sentient machine.

The Evil Spirit from Rum Deal is not actually a demon - in fact, we do not know what it is at all, but it certainly is not a demon: if it were, Silverlight would affect it. In fact, it's implied that as brewing 'rum' achieves a critical spiritual mass, the machinery gets possessed by Evil Spirit, and apparently, it's a regular part of the brewing process, but quick actions during the brewing process can stop the possession from occurring.

As for what fiends and gargoyles are, I think that they're not a variant of Avernic or Chthonian demons, but are instead an unrelated species of demons.

I imagine that fiends are more elemental and magical species of demons, which can align themselves with an element when they are born, just like how people speculate that Avernic demons can gain elemental affinities: however, unlike the Avernic, who still retain the fire within them, fiends are like rune essence, turning into creatures representing their element once they've attuned to it: the Slayer Masters' description of icefiends and pyrefiends as creatures of "ice and freezing rock" and "fire and molten rock" further supports the runestone theory. Another aspect which implies that fiends are not Avernic is the fact that they can have babies: as we saw in Perils of Ice Mountain, there definitely are baby icefiends, which suggests that fiends can reproduce outside of Infernus.

Gargoyles, however, are a mystery to me: they're winged creatures of solid rock and stone, capable of flight and have some inner organs and cavities which implies that they're not simply animated statues, but that's all we know about them.

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