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How many chins could a chinchompa chomp if a chinchompa could chomp chins?

This is a serious etymological quandary! For all we know, these critters could be overrunning Gielinor, chomping chins unchecked! Do they chomp each others' chins? Do they chomp adventurers' chins, if we hold 'em too close to our faces before shotputting them into some pile of monsters? Is this what makes 'em go kablooie? Could ALL of our chins be secretly filled with explosive ordnance?



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Penny Drakis
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Penny Drakis

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no no no, you got the root all wrong

a chinchilla is a small chinche

a chinchompa is a big chinche

what is a chinche? well it is bigger than a chinchilla but smaller than a chinchompa, obviously. You'll have to speak to an actual Quechua speaker to get a straighter answer.

Edit: Actually, no. Chinches are bedbugs, The actual root is chincha! And you will have to ask an Incan, not a Mayan.
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Maiden China said:
and I did the me-
wait are we allowed to talk abou-... probably not
Screw the rules, I have money!

I did ALL the meth!

No but seriously, I did the calculations myself. It turns out, IF a chinchompa could in fact chomp chins, the average number of chins it would chomp would be
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