Dungeon Wars: Dungeoneering2?

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Sorry, I tend to do that. But if you want some form of speculation I'll do so:

I don't have much good speculation but if it is related to the Abyss then Hostilius HAS to be included in any way shape or form. The Dark Mage from the Abyss could be a starting point in this piece of content, being able to project himself into our dimension and warning us of the dangers from the Abyss. Hell maybe he could be the equivalent of Daemonheim's Smuggler.

Hguoh's theory is the most probable one, the artifact being an essential part of Hostilius' life force. What if the creature guarding it isn't a simple Abyssal demon, but an echo of Hostilius, something born as a defence mechanism to keep Hostilius going in any way possible.

This kindof reminds me of how the Dragonkin guard the Stone, what if another one of the uses of this artifact isn't just to ensure Hostilius' permanent death, but it can be a source of knowledge and power, just imagine gaining so much information about the eons of demon society, it could be a weapon against Infernus. Now I doubt any of the factions would know any of this, but of course to them any artifact down at the bottom would make them think it could be beneficial to their god/leader.

The researchers who built this fortress to study the leakage are probably long dead or in hiding, and maybe finding them could be very helpful to your cause. Maybe one of the reasons the leakage is happening is because of how powerful Zaros and Zamorak have become recently, it's starting to get Hostilius' attention and his near-dead instincts will him to Gielinor.

(Side note: Can we think of an abbreviation for Hostilius? Annoying to type for me sometimes)
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