The Obsidian Tribunal?

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Handkerchief said:
I find it pretty wild that players can still be fans of him after reading about his de-winging escapade.

Well, Zaros isn't exactly the more caring person when he was experimenting with Nihil, bet there was quite more wingless Icyenes during that.

He still has loads of followers. :P
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23-Dec-2016 22:00:33

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Handkerchief said:
Yeah, divinity doesn't seem to be inherited from what we've seen so far. Moia looks like she's probably immortal (but whatever she did with Bilrach in Daemonheim might have something to do with that). I wish she liked me, since we got to know her with the Saga, but I must have dissed Zamorak in some quest or another and she's mad at me, now.

Originally, Moia was depicted as quite mortal (albeit long-lived). In Nadir, Lucien claims she has an extended lifespan, and after she finally tracks Bilrach to Daemonheim (after 500 years of searching) she refers to herself as old and Lucien tells her he expected her to have died by now.

Bilrach actually explains later in the saga that he can teach Moia to drain and hold onto the power of the portals to replicate the effects of a rejuvenation ritual.

23-Dec-2016 23:51:36

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Saint Benjy said:
Has it been confirmed that Saradomin's daughter is not the Queen of Ashes?
Its possibly a part of her secret identity if she is?
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Saint Benjy said:
Has it been confirmed that Saradomin's daughter is not the Queen of Ashes?

When was this even considered?!? Lol. I think Adrasteia is a new addition to Saradomin's (ex) family

24-Dec-2016 18:26:07



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What if the Obsidian Tribunal are those that the Queen of Ashes is building her forces to fight against? To reclaim her home world?
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My theory:

Saradomin leaves Teragard in the hands of his magisters, entrusting that they and the presence of his mortal daughter will keep his teachings in the hearts and minds of his fellow humans.

After Saradomin leaves, the magisters realize that though Saradomin authorized them to teach, he left no safeguard in the case of a rebellion or a schism (pun half-ass intended). Therefore, the magisters saw it proper to form a tribunal in order to deal out rulings and sentences in such cases.

Saradomin's absence being ever extended, the Tribunal found itself setting new precedents. From time to time, a case would fall to them that wasn't thought of when the court was originally established. As the Tribunal took on these cases, they grew in authority and power. Eventually, they had usurped total rule of Teragard.

Using the Schism, the Tribunal began seizing other worlds. Establishing themselves as an imperial force through the multiverse.

Adrasteia saw all of this happening, and sought to bring her father back home, but had no way of locating him, and no way of getting there if she were to locate him. She took to the Schism, seeking out worlds to which he may have traveled, hoping to find his trail.

The Obsidian Tribunal followed her, seeing her as a threat to their rule. Eventually, they captured her, and have been using some means to prolong her life to show her off as a forced figurehead, helping them maintain their grasp.

Unfortunately for them, they had never experienced Nex.

31-Dec-2016 18:48:54

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