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Jack Flac

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Okay, back in may I made this post.

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How long has it been since the first battle of gods? 4 years?
The God Wars have been going on for thousands of years. ;)
Uhhh, well the Gielinorian God Wars ended a couple thousand years ago almost, and they haven't technically started up a new "God Wars" yet, because nothing EVEN CLOSE to as terrible as ANYTHING that happened during the first Gielinorian God Wars has happened since The World Wakes....... yet

Emphasis on yet. No one is certain whats going through Sliske's head other than Sliske himself.

Thankfully the gods decided not to fall in line with Sliske's Idea to start massacareing each other, though there is no guarantee that wont change in the near future.
Emphasis on YET indeed.......

To be honest, I have this little theory that Sliske may be trying to do something like awaken the Elder Gods.

Currently he has shown no real indication of trying to ascend to godhood, instead trying to get the other gods to destroy themselves fighting over the Stone of Jas.
Interestingly enough, I was spot on with that theory.

So I'm curious, anyone else have their theories or expectations proved true?
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are their evil

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A Mad Hatter
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The only one I can think of off the top of my head was a theory I had back when Fate of the Gods was announced. It was mostly about Zaros convincing us to return him to full power by bringing the Elder Gods up and telling us about the threat they pose since my logic at the time was that a threat on an unprecedented scale like that would make anyone nervous enough to ignore faction loyalties and help out the guy who supposedly knows stuff about it.

I also remember another part of the theory including that he was a disowned Elder himself who got cast out and depowered by the others for some reason (forgot the details on that part) and eventually got to where he was because he found mortal races interesting and decided to see how poking them in different ways would make them react until the Empire happened. That one...ironically enough was partially right in some respects, but not entirely. Idk what I expected when I thought of it, but Zaros' interaction with Jas proved the bigger part of that one wrong.

Sadly enough though I think those theories died with the threads I posted them on :(

But if we're talking about Sliske's Endgame only...the Stone getting destroyed was something I posted about a while back somewhere. It just didn't happen in the way I imagined it (I think I expected Vorago or one of the more neutral parties to just smash it after the other Gods tried beating each other up over it).
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