Why are we so naive?

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This is the
, not the player.

In many games, there is often scenes and dialogue where the player character is taken by surprise or outwitted, they get captured and ... then the plot moves along.
Now, this would make sense in an early game environment where the player char is still early in their adventuring, or they are dealing with an in game char that is canonically many tiers smarter, more powerful, or both, or simply more experienced than the character would be.
(ie: being outwitted by someone like Xenia or Sliske)

But, with nearly 400 Quest Points coming up, why do we still get treated this way?

While we could say "lazy writing" by the developers, and this could be true. But, how about looking for some in game (and in real life) examples?

1) Injury to the brain.
Face it, your character has taken a beating. Look at the pirate quest series, and "teleportation" typically involves getting knocked out in a violent way.
irl, that isn't healthy for the brain.
Short term, even long term memory loss, blackouts, headaches ... speech and even movement impairment. These are all real possibilities from any potential brain damage.
The fact that despite years of adventuring experience now, the character is simply too addled in the brain to function more than a brute/mage/range and get lucky bypassing traps, is nothing short of a miracle.

Consider the requirements for the Quest Cape. Then the comp cape. Finally trimmed comp.
How many battles have you fought?
friends lost?
every monster and eldritch abomination out there?
Most people would have lost their sanity long ago. Those that did, have become murderous sociopaths almost or beyond the level of The Raptor.
By being naive and "easily taken advantage of" is probably the only coping mechanism the player character has to deal with what they've seen .. and what's to come.

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3) To provide a challenge.
As many adventures, dangers, and such you've faced ... by now ... you've seen it all.
You've beaten how many beasts and mortal foes?
God avatars. The undead. Horrendously complex ancient puzzles. Champions and generals of every race imaginable. And now even Mahjarrat.

In Kindred Spirits, it's stated by some lazy Imperial Guards that if a troll did sneak thru, the World Guardian would take care of it. That was enough to make Major Rancour enraged. But it's also probably true.

There's simply little to no real threat left on the planet.
We've progressed so far into the story, that having to convince the Elder gods, CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE , that life is worth sparing ... is about the only "threat" or challenge left to us.

So thus, by pretending to be a gullible fool, we at least give the whatever latest wannabe villain a fraction of chance ... or at least ... see if they give us something new to see, even though they will inevitably fail, just like the rest.

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