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Oh boy, a second thread that has little to do with this place. Just join the Lore FC if you like to talk about this kind of stuff.

Also their baby would be @#&%. I know, I wasn't expecting it either, but that person is pretty important.
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Once Saradomin finds out Zamorak is pregnant, he will kick him to the curb. Zamorak will be left with only dollars, and no job. Out of necessity he will have to resort to selling "tricks".

Eventually, Zamorak meets one particular John, a dentist named Armadyl, who Zamorak believes sees more to him than just as a piece of meat. The two start dating and a first it's a whirlwind romance, but soon it turns sour.

Soon after Zamorak gives birth, to a wonderful purple bundle of love named Soran, the atmosphere changes. Armadyl is fired from his job and in order to make ends meet Zamorak has to start dancing again. Armadyl starts drinking, and uses up most of the money Zamorak makes. Unfortunately, Armadyl makes for a violent drinker and regularly beats Zamorak. Sadly, Zamorak has no money, and fears if he leaves Armadyl, Armadyl will serve him with a custody suit. This happens for many years , until Soran is 18.

Zamorak has managed to save enough money from dancing for Soran to go to college. 3 weeks before Soran is supposed to leave for the Wizards tower, he finds out that Armadyl has cleared out his bank account and fled the country. A year later Armadyl is arrested for illegal poaching of a rhino.

In the trial it is revealed that Armadyl is not Soran's father, a secret Zamorak and Armadyl had kept from the naive Soran. Soran goes to Zamorak and demands to know who his real father is. Zamorak eventually breaks down with much crying, and reveals that Saradomin is his real father.

Soran finds out that Saradomin is a multi-billionaire because he recently settled down with a rich widow. Soran decides to approach Saradomin, mostly because he wants to have a relationship with his father, but he also lowkey hopes he will pay for his tuition.

Saradomin's wife is named Elidnis. The two had married recently after Elidnis's husband mysteriously died by spontaneous combustion. They had a dog and a cat.


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They had a dog and a cat named Iccy and Amascut.

When Soran approached the new family, he was welcomed with superficial happiness. Pretty soon after meeting them, Zamorak was arrested for drug possession, and being stoned on J.A.S. (The curious thing is that Zamorak hadn't used drugs since before becoming pregnant.) Soran was approached by a shady looking police officer named Sliske, and was told that the only way Zamorak would not go to prison is if Soran signed a NDA agreement.

Being the loving son he was, Soran signed the agreement. Sadly this meant that there was no way Soran could legally have access to any of Saradomin's wealth or have a relationship with him.

Soran's lack of money soon catches up to him and he has to follow in Zamorak's shoes, dancing at the local party room. One day, a violent drunk, with even better abs than Zamorak, who preaches on and on about being a hero and freeing people from tyranny, starts harassing Soran. Soran fears for his life, and flees the party room. The violent drunk, who is so drunk that people can only understand that his name starts with a V, starts pursing the young Soran.

Soran is almost at his home his robes catch the corner of a V.A.U.L.T industry garbage dumpster.. Just as V------- catches up to him and kneels over Soran, a mysterious figure dressed all in purple shows up. V quickly stands up and bashes his head into the corner of mirror that someone had thrown in the dumpster. V dies instantly, and bleeds all over the place.

The mysterious figure reveals himself to be a sociologist/psychologist named Zaros, and tells Soran that unless he comes with him, it is likely that Soran will be charged with murder. At his home Soran finds out that Zaros lives with an older woman, who Soran was not quite sure whether she is his sister or his wife. Zaros preforms weird and unusual experiments in his basement.

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Soran is blackmailed into becoming Zaro's man servant, and is sent to the streets to recruit young men and women for some studies. The odd thing is non of these men and women ever leave Zaros' basement.

Unfortunately for Soran, he is unable to escape the clutches of Zaros. He'll spend the remainder of his days watching "World Guardian News", and listening to the people in the neighboring building, Marimbo's, having tons and tons of fun, but he'll never get the chance to go. His one friend, a local produce worker named Prime, is the source of his only happiness in life. Sadly Prime a few years later gets arrested for domestic terrorism. Turns out he was a major believer in not eating animals, (Not because animals deserve not to be eaten, but because plants deserve to be eaten more.) and was planning on blowing up Tuska inc. the biggest producer of pork. Alone and depressed, the rest of Soran's life looks bleak.

The end.

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Slackend said:
What would happen people?


I mean I guess they can't.

I suppose gods can shapeshift as gods wish.



I hope they can't.
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