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Okay, so we all know that Icthlarin turned all of Amascut's priests and priestess' into cats to save them from her wrath. Ka and Neite are some examples.

Do these human-turned cats have "bestial" relations with regular cats, or do they mate exclusively with other priests/priestess-turned cats, or do they go both ways to, ya'know, keep their priestly blood lines and heritage afloat and stuff? Bob and Neite are already planning on having kittens I believe.

Reason I was wondering was because I think in a desert or Bob quest or Postbag somewhere it mentioned our cats may have some menaphite ancestry in them. Basically, what I am saying is that some or all of Gertrude's cats are descendants of the cats Icthlarin turned humans. :o
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24-Jan-2017 01:03:08

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Raleirosen said:
pretty sure there's a limit on how many sexual deviancy threads you can post in a day, m8

Yeah, I'm willing to leave the elf one open for a day or two to see where it goes since some discussion about how the clans work in the bigger picture could happen...but I'm drawing the line here since I see no way in hell a thread touching on bestiality (even if it's a peripheral subject to the main question) can end well despite it having some lore implications.

Sorry Armacus, but we have to keep things relatively clean around here so I have to close this. :/
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