Afterlife and Great Revision

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Elders weren't expecting sentient life, they blocked it's evolution before and I think they don't know and/or don't care about it now.

So I suppose afterlife and soul isn't Elder's agenda now.

Another question is, what would they do if they care. Eat sentient souls along with their usual anima lunch? Or don't care anyway?

6th is mystery. All 5 Elders are connected to Anima, but they represent 5 forms. 6th doesn't. She can represent something even more vague than 5 universal principles of Elders, like pure existence itself or so. Crazy stuff :D

Yet I think that humans will play important part, perhaps because their ability to have afterlife. Rocks and plants, usual Anima generators, don't have it. Maybe 6th one is organic sentience and afterlife itself, so she doesn't need to care about planet's anima she needs us :D

Could her plan conflict with other elders, since they want to destroy planet for anima, which would harm flow of souls to afterlife, agenda of 6th one? Does she want to eat/abuse us, or could it be more like cooperation - she would nurture and heal our souls, if we let our souls to join her and help her to exist through us?

20-Nov-2016 21:35:05

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