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After a long hiatus the Runescape Lore Test is finally back, and in all its g-lorey (bad pun included).

Since Robo Hobo, the creator of the original threads is largely inactive now, Godwine (Kittyphantom) and I decided to make the new one. This test contains both ôoldö lore and ônew loreö, all the way up to the Endgame. Itĺs also much harder than previous tests, to reflect the fact that people on average know much more lore than they used to 2 or 3 years ago.

Like the previous tests, this test contains 100 questions covering a wide range of lore. However, some changes were made in this test. Firstly, a large emphasis was put on multiple-part questions. Secondly, as a result, scores are now split into a raw score and scaled score respectively (more on that below). Thirdly, questions categories were removed to make the test a tad bit more difficult. And finally, an option was added to allow you to take the test in two parts - an easier segment and a harder segment - which you will be graded separately on.

As this is the first version of the new test, all feedback is welcomed, such as rewording questions to make them clearer or replacing questions altogether in special cases. If you have lore questions you think are particularly suitable for this test and its difficulty level, contact me privately, and some of the weaker questions might be replaced in favor of it (although I will be picky with this - no more than 3 questions should be changed in the light of fairness).

Iĺd like to thank Godwine for helping me to create this test, and Wahisitetel and Sliske for reviewing it. A further shoutout to several members of lore fc for contributing their ideas.
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Ľ Test Preparation. Although you can take the test without studying, it is recommended that you do so. You can use any sources to study for the test, except for the test itself, obviously. The majority of questions on this test contain ingame lore, although some questions require outside knowledge.

Ľ Close all Sources. This test measures your ability to recall lore knowledge with your memory alone, so you cannot use anything to assist you when taking the test.

Ľ Taking the Test.
There are three versions of the test: General, Advanced and Unabridged.
The questions from the General and Advanced tests come directly from the Unabridged test. You can choose to either take the Unabridged test, or the General/Advanced. If you choose the later option, you have the option to either do one of them or both, and if you do both, you can do the other test at a later time.

To be graded, you must post your solutions in this thread, and they must be put in spoiler tags, so that other people can browse this thread safely.

Ľ Time. Since this is a new test, I donĺt know how long it will take to complete the test. Previous tests took about an hour to complete, but I estimate this test might take an hour and a half. You can time how long it took you to complete the test and post it along with your answers.

Ľ Scoring. You get 1 point for correct answers, 0 points for incorrect answers and 0.5 points for partially correct answers. To get 0.5 points, you need to answer at least 50% of the question correctly.
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You can get away with spelling errors as long as they are not too major.

The test will be graded by me or Godwine, although anyone who considers themselves an expert on lore can volunteer to help. You will get a raw score and a scaled score on your test, which will be posted in the ôTest Scoresö section below. The raw score is how many questions you got completely correct. The scaled score is how many questions you got completely or partially correct. Although itĺs not black-and-white, the raw score can be seen as measuring how much of a hardcore lore expert you are, while the scaled score can be seen as how good your general knowledge of various lore topics is.

Ľ Retakes. You cannot retake this test, unless a new version comes out in the future.

Note on difficulty: A couple ultra-difficult questions were thrown in there on purpose. Unlike Roboĺs tests, it is intended that a perfect mark on this test is virtually impossible.

Note on cheating: Just donĺt do it. Youĺre going to have a
bad time

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The Runescape Lore Test (General)

1) How long did each of the first five ages last?

2) How many months are there in the Gielinorian Calendar? Name three of those months.

3) List the following races in the order that they arrived on Gielinor: Centaurs, Demons, Elves, Humans, Mahjarrat, TzHaar

4) What are the Dreaded Years of Tragedy? What battle did it culminate in, and what was the result of the battle?

5) Name five rivers located in Gielinor.

6) How does prayer work?

7) Explain what is known about how teleportation works, and how the ritual made at the Old Tower fits into this picture.

8) Which of the following is true? (There can be more than one correct answer)

A) V created some of the rune altars.
B) Barbarians destroyed various rune altars during the Runecrafting Crusades.
C) The Rune Essence Mine was rediscovered at the beginning of the 5th age.
D) Wizards were able to teleport to the Rune Essence Mine starting the middle of the 5th age.
E) All the Runecrafting Altars were finally discovered at the very end of the 5th age.

9) Explain the roles of the Primordial Realm, the Void and the Abyss in the Elder Gods creations.

10) Name four things caused and/or sustained by the Anima Mundi.

11) Who created the fairy rings, and how?

12) What are the powers of the Frostenhorn? Who gave it that name, and why?

13) What is the Schism and what can it do?

14) Name three mahjarrat who died before the Fifth age and explain their cause of death. (You must choose mahjarrat whose cause of death is known)

15) The original ritual marker was created by ____________ for the purpose of________________________, and is now located at________________________. The second ritual marker was created by ____________ for the purpose of _________________________ and is now located at________________________.

16) Identify the following dragonkin as either Dactyl or Necrosyrte: Taraket, Tarshak, Kalibath, Phalaks, Silkath
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17) What are the three types of Avernic demon? Give an example of a demon individual from each type.

18) How was the town of Nardah founded?

19) What were three adventures that Dionysius had in his younger years?

20) Who is Gentleman Mallard? Explain his backstory and the circumstances of his apparent death.

21) Who is Vitruvius? What happened to his assistant, and what did Vitruvius do about it?

22) What used to be the relationship between the walruses, polar bears and penguins? What changed that, and what is their relationship now?

23) Name two demons who were responsible for destroyed settlements in the 3rd age, and the settlement each destroyed.

24) Where were the Void Knights situated before the Void Outpost? Why were they restricted to that area?

25) Describe an event for each of the following characters that make them a part of goblin history: Hopespear, Bloodfist, Strongaxe.

26) Who is the Arzinian being? Explain how he was defeated the first time.

27) What was the original purpose of the Order of Ascension? What event(s) changed that, and what is Ocellusĺ new goal?

28) What was the relationship between the humans and the elves in Baxtorianĺs Kingdom? What happened to the kingdom after Baxtorian helped revert Prifddinas to crystal?

29) Describe the governmental structure and religion of the Eastern Lands.

30) What three governing systems did Keldagrim have in its history?

31) What are two common characteristics of Karamjan tribal religion? (Besides having multiple gods, which might be controversial)

32) Who were the two sides in the Battle of Atarisundri? Who won, and how?

33) What were the airut named for, and by whom?

34) Who or what is the Strange Face in Dominion Tower? Explain its story.

35) After the Old Tower was set ablaze, the Saradominists blamed the Zamorakians for its destruction. What event occurred as a response to this?

36) Why was Colonel Grimsson dismissed from the Black Guard?
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37) Why did Lord Sinclairs children murder him?

38) What was the curse that Neite gave to Amascut? (there are two versions of this - either will be accepted).

39) Which of the following races are undead? (there can be more than one correct answer)

A) Edimmu
B) Ghasts
C) Ghouls
D) Nechryael
E) True-born Vampyres

40) The Knights of Falador have a policy against execution. What were two situations in which this policy was either upheld or broken? (Surok Magis does not count)

41) Who is Razulei and what was requested of him?

42) Who was Cres in his past life, and how did he become a Guardian of Guthix?

43) Who is Gustaf Joannhes? What did he find, and what happened to him?

44) Choose two of the following afterlife's and briefly describe them: Saradominist, Zamorakian, Armadylean, Bandosian, Serenist

45) Who were the candidates in the election to succeed King Healthorg? Who had the upper hand at first, and why did the tables turn?

46) How did King Vargas became a Yeti?

47) What were two incidents in Daemonheim that turned Marmaros into what he is today?

48) Name the four known Lords of the Kinshra that preceded Lord Daquarius, and explain how each one died.

49) Describe what is known about Abbinah in terms of its A) Geography, B) Culture, and C) Pre-Armadylean religion.

50) Identify two of the following organizations/groups and write as much as you can about them: The Vacu, Society of Owls, First Regiment, Adamantite Damsel, AMCE

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